Archiv für Februar 2011

New sticker design!

Limited to 1000 shitties only!

Watch out in your neighbourhood next time…

So far, so good. Now available!

Konsti @ Gafas del Rigor Cassettes

TELEKOLLEG Discography out now!

Last but not least.

Without zine, but never the less – exceptionell!

GDR017 Telekolleg / Discography Tape

Limited to 70 copies.

Wholesales welcome.

Konsti @ Gafas del Rigor Cassettes

GLASSES Discography 2nd Press out now!


What a blast – no THROATS tapes available anymore.

So let´s celebrate the next big shit…

Glasses - Discography 2k10

Get in touch for the 2nd edition of Glasses Discography 2k10!

Well, well.


Konsti @ Gafas del Rigor Cassettes