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Schublade goes Ilses Erika!


Just in time for the 3rd issue of Doom over Leipzig this week…

GDR030 Doom over Leipzig / Festival 2010

First live tape-compilation released on Gafas del Rigor Cassettes!

Feat. bands like Black Waves, Rorcal, Suma, Omega Massif, Kodiak etc.!

Limited to 66 copies and available first here or at the festival this week!

90 minutes of pure doom and rage in 2 different, fancy packages.

Oh, and including download code, fuckaz!

Get in touch!

Konsti @ Gafas del Rigor Cassettes

Schublade goes Ortloff!

Kalter Kaffee #02!

Out soon/within the next decade, ha ha!

Konsti @ Gafas del Rigor Cassettes