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Greece is coming over Europe!

GDR033 Ruined Families / Discography 2012

Just in time for their tour w/ Throwers! Harsh and violent stuff…

Limited to 80 copies! 40 early-bird-editions incl. kinky banderole!

All handcrafted. Printed on heavy card board.

Feat. material taken from the 12″ and the 7″, released by Adagio830.

Available tomorrow, 28th of octobre @ AJZ Grimma!

Or get in touch, as usual!

Konsti @ Gafas del Rigor Cassettes

28. Oktober @ Klubraum Plagwitz / Leipzig!

17. November 2012 @ Ilses Eirka / Leipzig!

Leipzig vs. Gieszen!

Let´s schmaus!

Sven Kacirec @ Ilses Erika / Leipzig!