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April, April, April!

12.05. @ Black Hammer / Leipzig!

See through Dresses on Tour 2k15

Sugared mint tea 2k15

Thanks to xBördex!

Konsti @ Gafas del Rigor Cassettes

Magrheb Thatcher!


Broken silence…

GDR043 See through Dresses / Self-titled Tape

My first release on Gafas del Rigor Cassettes in 2k15…

Talented 4-piece Post Punk-goodies from Nebraska / USA.

Combining handsome melodies w/ 90s dream-lolly-pops! So good…

It´s their sef-titled debut, coming up as an edition limited to 100 copies.

Feat. handcrafted passpartout. Thanks to Benny Floss for the right tools.

Available from march, 13th as CD/LP on This Charming Man.

Oh, and they gonna tour Europe and Leipzig (ha!) in may – check!

Konsti @ Gafas del Rigor Cassettes