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Sommer’s offer 2k16

BIRD BRAIN out now!

Last one before summer rushs in!

GDR048 Bird Brain / Schanze Demolition ’12 / ’13 CS

Long promised, finally realized: mysterious fuckerz from L.A. / California.

Inactive, but pretty smart and pissed hardcore / punk sound‘n'attitude.

Feat. minds of ex-Phoenix Bodies and Dispite You! See them live here.

With artwork on Risograph done by PZZL/Hugues! Thanks for support!

50 copies – guess, no one will be keen on it – but never the less: buy it!

Dedicated to the most precious 81′ Honda Civic Wagon-owner over there.

Konsti @ Gafas del Rigor Cassettes

West coast pride

MACE out now!

Delay comes before decay!

GDR049 Mace / Demo 2015 CS

Promising female-fronted HC-pack from Chicago / IL, grinding ur guts.

Sharing dirty pillows w/ bands like Punch, Tørsö or Permanent Ruin.

Their first demo from 2k15, a bit outdated so far. But still a hot one.

RISO-printed cassette edition incl. download code – so sad about that!

With the lovely help of diy-start up Interceptor Editions.

50 copies done – and go!

Konsti @ Gafas del Rigor Cassettes

Drux vs. Veuve S.S.!

Warmest suggestion of the month:

Veuve S.S. / Drux – 7″ on Nerdcore Records!

Re-presenting French/Germ(oi!)n friendship!

Thumbs ab!

Konsti @ Gafas del Rigor Cassettes

ÂGE NOIR out now!

Gafas loves Nerdcore aka’s getting active again!

GDR050 Âge Noir / Le grande Sommeil Tape

Abrasive hardcore from France feat. members of Veuve S.S.!

For fans of McCoy’s Youth Attack catalogue: harsh, unpolished, distorted.

Editions comes in fold-out digi pack incl. lyric sheet and banderole.

In coop w/ Nerdcore Records to grant best quality and diy-standards.

100 copies only. 5,00€ each! No rest for your ringing ears and mind!

Konsti @ Gafas del Rigor Cassettes

P.S.: Mace and Bird Brain CS coming up this month, as well!